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We believe in second chances

Creating opportunities for our residents to get & stay sober, so they can return to active and productive living


Welcome to Value Housing Nevada. We are glad you found us and hope we can help you as you look for group or sober living housing for yourself, a client, or a loved one.

Whether it be a drug court referral, sober living after rehab or detox, and even early release from incarceration or house arrest. We can help by providing clean, safe, and affordable sober living housing. Our homes are conveniently located near the necessities of life, including bus lines, shopping centers, recovery meetings, and employment opportunities.

As you browse our site, please note, we have online applications for recovery housing, pages for community resources, and service opportunities.

We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or need help deciding on appropriate local housing or recovery needs, please contact us or call us at 702.205.0637.



Housing for men & women struggling with alcoholism or addiction


Homes for a variety of residents released from jail under house arrest


“I had nowhere to go and no-one to help me after Detox. I was referred to the Smoke Ranch Sober Living Home where I stayed for 11 months, completed drug court, and have a job and my own apartment now.”

Bruce W., Former Resident
“I’ve been in many sober living homes but never one as nice as the Smoke Ranch Home. It is big and nice and close to everything its quiet and I love it!”

Anthony S., Former Resident
“The Shadow Glen Home is fantastic! Nice quiet neighborhood, close to meetings and no-one bothers us there. I could stay here forever!”

Wade W., Former Resident

“I never thought I could stay sober and knew I was going to die until I met the Men and the Owner of the Shadow Glen Sober Home. They put up with my crap long enough for me to get sober for the first time and now I am back home with my wife and kids.”

Don T., Former Resident


The very thought of entering sober living can cause stress and anxiety in new residents. Our interview process includes current resident participation and can be calming. There is an adjustment period for each new resident in which we have found consistent meeting attendance, house participation, and a willingness to recover are valuable.

  • Safe Homes – Our residents can feel safe & secure in our homes

  • Help Us Help You – We’re with you on your journey to sober living

  • We Believe in Second Chances – Return to active & productive living

Each home has a different group of residents, a different floor plan, and location. We strive to find the best fit for our new residents and are open to transfers when needed to keep harmony and momentum in recovery.


We at Value Housing Nevada strive to offer each homeless or addicted, suffering or displaced human being, a clean, safe, affordable living situation centered on creating balance in which growth, responsibility, integrity, and action are keystones to growing into stable productive members of society.

Our experience tells us each member in need, has a right to, and deserves, a place they can call home, so long as they are capable of making and keeping simple agreements and contributing to their betterment. We do not know which Time or Chance will prove to be the catalyst for long term recovery and growth.

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