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About Sober Living Homes

Our sober living homes were started by alcoholics and addicts in recovery using their experiences to create and implement Intake interviews that may include house members who have experience in staying sober and give an accurate portrayal as to the quality of the home and the residents. Sober House rules that begin with zero tolerance using or drinking, bullying, or stealing and include minimum recovery meeting attendance and house duties assigned weekly at house meetings. These and a few other simple rules help provide the template for the best outcome for our Sober Living residents as they strive to live sober and productive lives free from relapse.

Many of our residents come to us after attending rehab, detox facilities, or have been recently incarcerated and need temporary housing prior to returning home. Upon entry, our residents must pass a drug test showing they are clean. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy of drug and alcohol use. Keeping our residents free from relapse is of paramount importance. Intoxicated residents can trigger relapse among other residents.

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We do not have a minimum or maximum time limit for occupancy. Our homes are available on a month to month basis in which our residents can live, learn, and grow into recovery and eventually create their own productive way of living. As long as they stay sober, follow the rules and procedures of the home, and participate in the day to day activities necessary in running the Sober Home in which they live.

We are mindful of what is at stake in our Sober Living Homes and strive to create homes that are near shopping, bus lines and recovery meetings. Our homes are their homes, and we provide utilities, wi-fi access, and referrals to many local community resources able to help with food, hygiene, clothing and identification. Learn more about available help & resources on our Community Resources page.

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Before applying for a Sober Living Home, please review our FAQ page for answers to common questions we receive.

If you still have questions or want to discuss our recovery homes, please call us: 702.205.0637

Apply online to reserve a space in a sober living home

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